Darts and Billiards: A Forgotten Sport

Darts and Billiards: A Forgotten Sport

If athletic sports is not your cup of tea, then there are multiple other sporting events that you can consider. These range from sports such as darts and billiards to golf and curling. The following article will focus on the former two.

Since the beginning of time, man has always looked for ways to excel over others in different aspects. Some are better than others at academics while others excel at physical activities. Sports have been a keystone feature in humanity for many centuries, as there are a large magnitude of sporting events that take place during the year. Furthermore, sports and general physical activity is emphasized in almost all public schools around the world.


A few sports that are often overlooked are darts and billiards. To begin, let us focus on the sport of darts. Darts is basically a throwing game in which small throwers or arrows are thrown at a circular target. Usually that circular target is fixed to a wall some distance away. Although various circular board typs and rules have been used, the classic method of playing darts requires an individual to throw the small missiles towards the target board that is divided into sections that are given points. Usually the smallest section or the middle circle is given the highest point value of fifty. Then each section is given a pint value ranging from one to twenty with certain sections that can possible double or triple your points. So, for example, an individual who throws a dart in the middle will gain fifty points while a person who throws a dart in the twenty section will get twenty. Similarly, if a person was to throw a dart in the twenty section but specifically in the triple bonus part, then their score would be three times twenty which is sixty and higher than the fifty. Notice that this is the highest number of points one can get from a single throw.


Billiards on the other hand, is a game played on a flat table with a total of fifteen balls, half striped and half solid. There is also a cue ball that the individual uses. The purpose of this game is for a person to pocket all of their designated balls by hitting the cue ball first with their cue stick. In essence, once all your designated balls have been pocketed, then you can aim for the last ball called the eight or black ball.

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